Information for Owners
Our Wall System creates highly Energy
Efficient Green Buildings.
Our unique wall system is a "sandwich panel", the core of which is an
insulated foam board. We spray a wet mix of concrete directly on the
face of the insulation panels. It is highly durable, sound proof, fire
resistant, and reduces the costs for heating and air conditioning
Thermal Imaging Study
Our Wall System has a fraction of the heat loss found in other construction methods.
One of the most dramatic ways to demonstrate our wall system's superior insulating properties versus conventional methods is through thermal
imaging.  The below images show a  wall compared with a thermal image of the same wall.  They were taken with an outside  temperature of
between 18 and 24 degrees F.  Indoor temperatures were between 60 and 70 degrees F.  As you can see, the least heat escapes from our wall
system, which has by far the lowest wall temperature when compared to masonry, precast concrete, and steel construction walls.  Also notice that
our wall system has
dramatically less heat loss at the foundation and roof lines.  We have found similar results in warm temperatures as
Wall Temp: 24.8
Roof Line: 25.5
Foundation Line: 25.3
Wall Temp: 31.5
Roof Line: above 66.1
Foundation Line: 65.2
Wall Temp: 34.2
Roof Line: 38.5
Foundation Line: 37.7
Wall Temp: 40.7
Roof Line: 68.2
Foundation Line: 70.2
Temperature Study
Our Wall System maintains a comfortable interior temperature even without
heating or air conditioning.
Another striking example of the energy efficiency of our buildings is the Roman, Inc. Distribution Center.  This 475,000 square foot structure has no
main heating or cooling system whatsoever.  
Yet, in the cold Chicago winter, this highly energy efficient unheated  green building maintains a
comfortable 68-72 degree F interior temperature.  Notice how little the fluctuations in exterior temperature affects the interior building
Wall Technology Video Overview
Our system provides an R-value (a measure of thermal resistance) of R-40 versus the average of only R-13 in other buildings.  Our system
vasly exceeds the insulation properties required by modern energy building codes.  According to the Department of Energy, heating and
cooling accounts for the vast majority of building energy consumption - from 40 to 60% of a home's energy needs.  
Therefore, our wall system
can dramatically reduce a home or business's energy expenses
.  In addition, tax incentives, utilities incentives, and green financing
options can amount to thousands of dollars for homeowners and hundreds of thousands of dollars to businesses.  

Furthermore, our wall system has comparable costs to conventional building techniques and is flexible enough to replicate the exterior look of
most conventional techniques such as brick.  

Our wall system working in conjunction with solar and wind power generators puts the dream of a zero-net-energy building  within reach of
homeowners and small businesses.     
Energy Efficient Builders